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The winners - 29 May 2012 20:39



ANAMORPHIC 1 Perspective trompe l'oeil
GROUP: Ramona Caulea, Martina Rosato (Treviso, Italy); Anastasiou Manolis, Arapis-Fragou Anestis, Vamvoura Ioanna, Voulgaraki Michaela, Vafiotou Despina, Noe Anastasiou (Mytilene, Greece), Balan Alexandru, Roescu Robert from Rm. Valcea, Romania

Second place (equal second):

Platonic Solids - Searching Perfection Through Polyhedra
GROUP: Brignola Aurora from Bucuresti (Romania), Giulio Durante and Giulia Bassetto from Treviso (Italy), Gidoiu Daniel from Rm. Valcea (Romania)

Golden Ratio2
GROUP: Camilla Dacomo, Alessandro Marchesin (Treviso, Italy); Grigoras Andreea,
Logofatu Iulia, Preda Cristina (Bucuresti, Romania); Mirsini Mavrapidi, Maria Kofopoulou, Ioulios Bairamasi, Ageliki Karagiannaki, Michaela Voulgaraki, Vamvoura Ioanna (Mytilene, Greece)

Honorable mention to:

GROUP: Francesca Merlo (Treviso, Italy); Enache Madalina, Floroiu Andreea,
Stoica Andreea (Bucuresti, Romania) Tudorascu Alin, Chiosila Narcis from Rm. Valcea, Romania

GROUP: Martino Del Giudice (Italy); Iordache Giulia, Blaga Andrada, Necula Marina, Dandoczi Ruxandra, (Buchuresti, Romania); Kofopoulou Maria, Mavrapidi Mirsini (Mytilene, Greece), Posirca Alexandru, Hera Sebastian, Mir Robert from Rm. Vâlcea (Romania)

Spirals And Helixs Spirals1
Group: Valentina Lazzarin, Laura Piovesan (Treviso, Italy); Cernea Andreea Cristiana, Constantin Alexandra (Bucuresti, Romania)

Impossible Figures1
GROUP: Chiara Amici, Giulio Barbaro, Valentina Bettiol (Treviso, Italy); Constatin Andreea (Bucuresti, Romania); Ioulios Bairamasi, Kapiotas Vaggelis, Argiropoulos Christos, Aretis George, Anastasiou Manolis (Mytilene, Greece); Buga Alexandru from Rm. Vâlcea (Romania)

Math In Art The Art Of Nature Reflected By the Beauty Of Math
GROUP: Liciu Louise (Bucuresti, Romania)

Fractals The Making Of Fractal Art
GROUP: Romano Mariacristina (Bucuresti, Romania); Panagiotis Hlias, Stelios Zoakis, Nikos Kalamidiotis (Mytilene, Greece); Tudorascu Alin from Rm. Vâlcea (Romania) - Comments: 0

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Welcome! - 25 Jan 2012 07:34


This is the official wiki for the project MART - Maths in Art, beyond chalk and talk. -

* Liceo Scientifico Statale "Leonardo da Vinci" , Treviso (TV) ( Italy)
* Liceul Tehnologic Henri Coanda Rm. Valcea, Ramnicu Valcea ( Romania)
* Scoala Superioara Comerciala "Nicolae Kretzulescu", Bucuresti ( Romania)

The goal of the project is to study connections between mathematics and art and architecture. Students perform a series of studies about Maths in Art: from Platonic solids to fractals. Students will decide the best creative way to share information with their partners: not only words and texts but we would like above all to use a stimulating communication: pictures, video, chat, social network, etc. All material will appear in a collaborative environment: “beyond chalk and talk”, to develop students' curiosity and avoid long boring speeches.

I have created this blog wiki to enable cooperative work on that subject, the viewing of slides, uploading of breakout notes, synthesis of recommendations, sharing of photos, and whatever other uses you dream up. I’ll help as I can but this is your tool to use. Have fun.
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